My name is Tania Bakas and I am the proprietor of Giving Within Holistic Healing. I offer Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments. 

Giving Within Holistic Healing signifies the conclusion to a long journey of self discovery and search for purpose. I have found my calling in helping others in their own healing journeys. This is also the beginning of a very exciting voyage of further learning, sharing and truly embracing everything in life. Every day is a celebration and I wish to share this love with the people that cross my path.

My Journey

Reiki really was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I had heard of the healing modality a few years before meeting my teacher and Reiki Master, but my journey was leading me through different experiences at the time. I ventured to climb the corporate ladder of advertising in Toronto, Ontario and this quest lasted seven years. As my career advanced, my emotional stability declined. A little voice inside me was urging me to make some changes. I took courses in the Aesthetics field. I visualized becoming a home business operator and the idea of self employment became very appealing to me. I gathered the courage to give up my advertising job, the stable pay cheque, and start off fresh. For the next two years, I worked very hard. I dealt with financial difficulties, debt, and daily pressures, but I fought very hard to overcome deep-rooted negative thought patterns. I was on a mission to combat the negative thoughts and emotions that had been invading my personal life and disrupting my harmony. During this quest for self knowledge and healing, I decided to move back to North Vancouver, BC; my hometown. I had once again started from scratch.

Shortly after settling into my new environment in 2005, I found my Reiki Teacher. I barely knew how Reiki worked but was intensely drawn to it and was determined to learn about it. 

Reflexology also entered my path unexpectedly when both my Mother and my stepmother suggested I look into this therapy as an additional option for my business. I started researching the subject and was very impressed with the healing benefits it offered. I felt that this modality would be very beneficial to my clients, especially when used in conjunction with Reiki.

I found Indian Head Massage in a similar way as I did with Reiki. I felt I was meant to connect with this type of healing and that it would not only change my life but I would also learn how to pass on this beautiful treatment and experience to others. I have studied this treatment application with two different, and both lovely instructors. Since 2007 I have combined my knowledge and experience of the two different styles of IHM with Reiki and Reflexology and created my own unique style and version of the Indian Head Massage.

What am I up to these days?

I continue to enjoy working with my clients in all three modalities that I offer and I'm always exploring new resources for healing, personal growth and development. In January of 2013 I returned to University to finish my undergraduate degree in psychology with goals to pursue a Master in Counselling Psychology degree. Experiencing school again in my mid 30's was a phenomenal experience. I am now in my fourth year at Simon Fraser University. I am grateful for family and friends who convinced me "it's never too late" and supported me in this decision! I currently study, practice my holistic healing work and work part time at the North Shore Women's Centre.

Every day is a learning experience, an opportunity to share and love.
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